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Reliable Fuel Supplier in Southwestern Ontario

For over 65 years, the reliable source for quality fuels and lubricants in Southwestern Ontario has been Waddick Fuels. We supply quality Petro Canada fuels as well as Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Diesel Fuel Conditioner, Washer Fluid, Antifreeze, and Industrial Metalworking Fluid with pride. You can depend on us to be your fuel supplier, providing you with fast, efficient service in Southwestern Ontario with quality fuel solutions every time.

Waddick Fuel Makes the Difference

Our full fleet of radio dispatched trucks and friendly drivers are readily equipped to fulfill our Southwestern Ontario customers fuel supply needs. We carry a full line of fuel products to meet them all your fuel requirements. To heat your home, to power and lubricate your farming, commercial or industrial equipment, we are the industry leading fuel supplier who can get it all done.

To get fuel to your project safely, efficiently and cost effectively our trained staff will go above and beyond. Throughout Southwestern Ontario area we staff offices with friendly local representatives dedicated answer any fuel supply questions or concerns you may have. We have 24 hour emergency contact, no call centres, ready to serve you.

Efficient On Site Refuelling for Southwestern Ontario

We consistently help Southwestern Ontario clients improve efficiency with on-site refuelling. On the job site or in the yard – day or night – refuel your vehicles, equipment and machinery at your convenience, keeping lost time to an absolute minimum.

Save time and money with On-Site Refuelling On-line to make your record keeping trouble-free

As an industry leading fuel supplier we can barcode each item to be fuelled, then our system automatically tracks and records the amount of diesel fuel delivered into each vehicle or piece of equipment, allowing you the customer to then access the information on the Petro Canada on- site refuelling website. What could be more cost effective?

Call us today for more efficient refuelling in Southwestern Ontario at 519.354.0110