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Premier Industrial Lubricant Supplier for Southern Ontario

Waddick Fuels has been the premier source for quality lubricants and fuels for Southern Ontario for over 65 years. We’re proud to supply a full range of high quality Petro Canada lubricants and fuels, with service that’s both fast and efficient. We are the industrial lubricant supplier that Southern Ontario counts on to supply a vast selection of quality lubricant solutions, consistently and according to schedule.

The Waddick Fuels Advantage

We offer an outstanding line of industrial lubricants by Petro Canada that assist you to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Knowing that an unplanned line stoppage can cut into your profit, we advise you on the optimum lubricants to keep up with the severe operating conditions of your Southern Ontario business.

At Waddick Fuels, we have an industrial lubricants team that is very knowledgeable and eager to serve you with a full selection of Petro Canada products which have been refined with the patented ultra pure HT process. Our bulk lubricant vehicle is ready for bulk deliveries and we have various smaller trucks ready for deliveries of smaller volumes. All are radio dispatched to transport industrial lubricant supply requirements to our Southern Ontario customers. Our friendly lubricant specialists are trained and able to respond to questions in the following segments: automotive, construction, fleet, farm/agricultural, and industrial, from any of the offices throughout our market area, not from a distant call centre.

Numerous industrial lubricant options for Southern Ontario

As a trusted industrial lubricant supplier for Southern Ontario we are known to our clients for a vast array of lubricants to suit all the needs of your business. We supply many quality Petro Canada lubricants ranging from hydraulic fluids that keep your equipment running longer and increase productivity, to over 50 types of greases for every use and operating condition, to gear oil for closed gear sets or high-speed machines or temperature extremes. We also provide food grade lubricants that offer tough performance and compliance to a full set of food credentials.

You can count on our superior service, industry knowledge, cost savings solutions, and local availability to help meet your important goals of increasing output and reducing downtime.

Call us for industrial lubricant supply needs in Southern Ontario at 519.354.0110