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Leading Farm Fuel Supplier for Leamington, Ontario

Trusted by the farming industry in Leamington, Ontario for over more than six decades, Waddick Fuels has been the reliable farm fuel supplier known for superior customer focus. We are a leading supplier of top quality lubricants and fuels.  Leamington  farmers count on Waddick Fuels for consistently fast, dependable fuelling delivery of quality Petro Canada fuels and oil products.

Why Waddick Fuels is unique

We are unique in offering top notch service to our clients through dedicated customer-focused people. Waddick’s drivers are friendly and responsive, ready to answer the radio dispatch to deliver Leamington’s farm fuel requirements in a timely fashion. We transport any of the products that we offer from household heating oil, to farm fuel, to lubricants, and industrial fuels to your farming operation.

Another extraordinary feature of Waddick Fuels is our exceptional customer service. We don’t rely on call centres. Instead, we employ first-rate local people throughout our business area offices who are considerate, knowledgeable, and eager to respond to your inquiries. We are the farm fuel supplier you can trust to consistently get your fuel to your farming operation efficiently and safely.

Easy on site farm refuelling in Leamington, Ontario

Waddick is the farming fuel supplier who provides the ease and convenience of on-site refuelling directly to Leamington, Ontario farmers, wherever you need it, in the yard or in the field. Machinery, equipment or vehicles can simply be refuelled night or day for you, when it’s most needed.

A bonus service of on-site refuelling is the “On Site Refuelling On-line” system from Petro Canada. We are the farm fuel supplier who makes recording fuel delivered to your vehicles and equipment as effortless as we can make it. The system can document how much fuel each unit of equipment received from the barcode we apply to piece, then you can record the details by accessing Petro Canada’s on site refuelling website. This is record keeping made simple.

For all your farm refuelling needs in Leamington, Ontario call 519.354.0110