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Fleet Fuel Supplier trusted by Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario

For more than 65 years, Waddick Fuels has been the full service fleet fuel supplier trusted for quality fuels and lubricants by Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario. We proudly supply Petro Canada fleet fuels and specialize in associated products such as diesel exhaust fluid, diesel fuel conditioner, washer fluid, antifreeze, and industrial metalworking fluid.

The Waddick Fuels advantage

Improve your operation’s fuel procurement, fuel delivery and fuel management services with the right fleet fuel supplier. To get fuel to your project safely and efficiently, our knowledgeable staff are ready and equipped to give you the complete service you require. We staff offices, not call centres, in the Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario area and throughout our market area with pleasant local representatives dedicated to answer any fleet fuel questions or concerns you may have.

On-site fleet refuelling for Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario

On-site fleet refuelling is a service designed to save Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario based clients time and money. Substantial customer benefits include scheduling fleet fuel deliveries when it’s convenient for you, reducing downtime or cutting down on overtime by starting each shift with freshly fuelled equipment, and eliminating the hassle of handling, refilling or tracking fuel storage on site.

We are the industry leading fleet fuel supplier who can help manage your fleet’s fuel and make your record keeping trouble-free with Petro Canada’s On-Site Refuelling online website. We can barcode each vehicle or piece of equipment to be fuelled, which our system automatically tracks and records, allowing you to review the amount of diesel fuel delivered into each item. We’re proud to be the fleet fuel supplier who makes it all easier for you!.

Ask about fleet fuel supply options for Sarnia-Lambton at 519.354.0110