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Efficient Commercial Lubricant Supplier for Bothwell, Ontario

The knowledgeable lubricant team at Waddick Fuels is proud to offer a complete range of high quality Petro Canada fuels and lubricants, the efficient way to get all the lubricants your Bothwell, Ontario business needs from oneĀ single Commercial Lubricant Supplier.

We carry everything from coolants to greases to heavy duty oils, all formulated to help maximize the life of your vehicle and your equipment, whether that vehicle is a small, light-duty truck or a freight hauling heavy-duty vehicle.

Reliable Quality Lubricants

Waddick Fuels knows that we offer quality lubricants that our clients can rely on. Our Petro Canada oil based products have all been refined with the Hydrotreating (HT) Purity Process making them 99.9% free of conventional impurities that can hinder performance. We have a full line of high performing commercial lubricants for farming, industrial, or small to large fleets.

We truck Commercial Lubricants to Bothwell and neighbouring areas

We have a number of ways to fulfil your lubricant order and get it to you as soon as we can. There is a full fleet of radio dispatched trucks and pleasant drivers waiting to deliver your lubricant order, depending on its size, in our bulk lubricant truck, or in a variety of small to medium sized vehicles.

Do you have questions about Lubricants?

When you have questions about Lubricants you can count on our trained lubricant specialists to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We don’t use call centres, we rely on friendly local people in offices throughout our trade area to give you the best individual service.

Waddick Fuels continues to build a reputation for fast, efficient service and proven ability to assist you with quality commercial lubricants in Bothwell, Ontario.

Call us to inquire today atĀ 519.354.0110