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Dependable Farm Fuel Supplier for Petrolia, Ontario

Waddick Fuels has been the reliable farm fuel supplier well known to the farming industry in Petrolia, Ontario for more than six decades. We have established ourselves as a customer oriented distributor of top quality fuels and lubricants. We are depended upon to deliver fast, fuelling service of high quality Petro Canada fuels and oil products, consistently and reliably to the Petrolia area.

The personal touch of Waddick Fuels

We make certain that our squad of drivers are personable, and committed to deliver the farm fuel supply needs of our Petrolia, Ontario clients, via our radio dispatched fleet. We carry a full selection of fuel products including farm fuel, household heating oil, lubricants and industrial fuels, to support all your energy demands.

The remarkable personnel at Waddick consistently ensure that your farm fuel supply gets to your farm cost-effectively and safely. Our business offices throughout our trade area are staffed with pleasant, considerate local people dedicated to providing top customer service. We refrain from using call centres to answer your concerns or inquiries.

Ease of on-site farm refuelling for Petrolia, Ontario

If you find yourself in the middle of a taking off this year’s harvest without enough fuel to complete the job, it’s rarely the first choice of Petrolia, Ontario farmers to quit, and start another day. Fortunately, Waddick Fuels is the farming fuel supplier with an efficient solution – on site refuelling. We can transport farming fuels straight to your yard or field, at your convenience, to refuel your vehicles, equipment or machinery and keep you working.

An added convenience of on-site refuelling, is effortless record keeping. The “On Site Refuelling On-line” system operates when we apply a bar code to each unit of equipment receiving fuel. The system documents what volume of fuel each piece receives, and all the information is at your fingertips when you enter Petro Canada’s on-site refuelling website.

Call to discuss your farm refuelling needs in Petrolia, Ontario at 519.354.0110