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Dependable Agricultural Fuel Supplier for Bothwell, Ontario

Waddick Fuels has been the dependable agricultural fuel supplier known to the agriculture industry in Bothwell, Ontario for more than 65 years. We are the established service-driven supplier of top quality fuels and lubricants trusted to provide fast, fuelling service of high quality Petro Canada fuels and oil products, consistently and reliably

Waddick Fuel perks

The perks of making Waddick Fuels your agricultural fuel supplier is our full squad of responsive drivers and radio dispatched delivery trucks, all set to fulfill every one of your Bothwell, Ontario energy needs. We carry all the fuel products you require including agricultural fuel, household heating oil, and industrial fuels and lubricants.

What sets us apart is our exceptional customer service. We have top-notch personnel throughout our trade area offices who are friendly and courteous, we don’t use call centres to respond to your inquiries. Our Bothwell clients know us to be the agricultural fuel supplier who gets your agricultural fuel to your operation safely, and efficiently.

On-site agricultural refuelling ease for Bothwell, Ontario

Bothwell, Ontario farmers don’t have the time to go for fuel in the middle of a job. Waddick Fuels is the agricultural fuel supplier who can bring agricultural fuels directly to you the easy way, with on-site agricultural refuelling. Your vehicles, equipment, or machinery can be refuelled whenever you need it whether in the yard or in the field.

Another way that we make the lives of Bothwell farmers easier is with the “On Site Refuelling On-line” system. We use a barcode that we apply to each piece of equipment or vehicle, to allow the system to tally the fuel received by each unit. You can access the Petro Canada on-site refuelling website and follow the entries. Your record-keeping will be trouble-free.

Learn more about agricultural refuelling in Bothwell, Ontario at 519.354.0110