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Convenient Commercial Fueling for Glencoe, Ontario

The family run Waddick Fuels has been ever-expanding the convenience it can offer to petroleum customers since Mickey Waddick started driving a fuel truck in 1946. After decades of ensuring all of your commercial fuelling requirements are met, we are proud to be the premier source for quality Petro Canada fuels and lubricants for Glencoe, Ontario and surrounding areas., You can count on Waddick Fuels to provide quality fuels with fast, efficient service.

For All Your Commercial Fuel Needs

Waddick  Fuels is committed to deliver all your premium quality fuel needs, to keep your farms and businesses running. Our full range of commercial fuel products are ready for our full fleet of radio dispatched trucks and friendly drivers to bring your fuel order right to your door. Whether you need commercial fuel for farming, industrial, or small to large fleets – we go above and beyond to serve you.

Glencoe’s On-Site Commercial Fuelling Advantage

Glencoe customers keep fuel from being the reason work can’t get done. Waddick Fuels provides the advantage of on-site commercial refuelling to help our customers keep farms and businesses running.  No need to drive off site when we can refuel your vehicles, equipment and machinery day or night at your convenience, ready to get back to work. Our barcode tracks each item and fuel supplied, so you can have the information at your fingertips on Petro Canada’s on-site refuelling website.

Commercial Refuelling Plus Added Benefits

In addition to the convenience and reliability of commercial fuelling, our customers can enjoy the added benefit of on-line fuel tracking which automatically records the amount of diesel fuel delivered into each piece of equipment, making record keeping a piece of cake.

Or customers can also have the benefit of our highly dedicated and trained staff, happy to respond to any questions or concerns you may have regarding commercial fuelling. We have offices throughout our trade area, no call centres, with local friendly staff who will always exceed your expectations, ready to serve you.

All it takes is a call to discuss your refuelling needs in Glencoe, Ontario at 519.354.0110