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Top Agricultural Fuel Supplier for Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario

The customer focused supplier the agriculture industry in Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario has depended on for top quality fuels and lubricants for more than six decades is Waddick Fuels. We are the agricultural fuel supplier trusted to provide fast, reliable fuel service of high quality Petro Canada fuels and oil products, every time.

Distinctive Waddick Fuels

What makes Waddick Fuels distinctive is our full team of friendly drivers and delivery trucks, radio dispatched and ready, to fulfill all of your Sarnia-Lambton energy demands. We are the agricultural fuel supplier with a complete line of fuel products from agricultural fuel, to industrial fuels and lubricants, to household heating oil.

We’re proud of our personnel who consistently ensure that your agricultural fuel arrives at your agricultural operation efficiently, economically, and with care. Waddick offices are armed with knowledgeable, courteous people devoted to replying to your concerns. We are the agricultural fuel supplier who relies on the best people to provide top service. We steer clear of call centres.

Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario’s source for on-site agricultural refuelling

Convenience delivered¬† day or night, that’s agricultural fuels transported directly to Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario based clients with on-site agricultural refuelling. Whenever you need it, your vehicles, equipment and machinery can be refuelled in the yard or in the field. We are the agricultural fuel supplier who can make it happen.

To make your record keeping trouble-free we offer the “On Site Refuelling On-line” system. To each unit being fuelled, we apply a barcode to record the amount of diesel fuel transferred to each vehicle or piece of equipment. You can then track the transactions when you access the Petro Canada on-site refuelling website for particulars. As leaders the agricultural fuel supply industry we’re proud to make your bookkeeping as easy as we can.

For agricultural refuelling in Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario call 519.354.0110