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Southwestern Ontario’s Agricultural Fuel Supplier

Waddick Fuels has been the service-driven fuel supplier the agriculture industry in Southwestern Ontario has depended on, for top quality fuels and lubricants for more than six decades. We are the agricultural fuel supplier trusted to supply quality Petro Canada fuels and lubricants with fast, reliable fuel service, at every delivery.

The Waddick Fuels’ leading edge

We can support all of your energy demands with a complete line of fuel products from agricultural fuel, to industrial fuels and lubricants, to household heating oil. Our leading edge is the full squadron of friendly drivers and delivery trucks ready for radio dispatch to convey all Southwestern Ontario’s requirements for agricultural fuel supply.

The amazing staff at Waddick always ensures that we get your agricultural fuel to your operation efficiently, economically and safely. We staff all our trade area offices with pleasant, courteous personnel committed to responding to your questions or concerns. We avoid the use of call centres, we are the agricultural fuel supplier who relies on local people to provide top service.

Convenient on-site agricultural refuelling – Southwestern Ontario

We are the agricultural fuel supplier who can deliver the convenience of on-site refuelling directly to Southwestern Ontario clients. Out in the field, or back in the yard, your machinery, equipment or vehicles can be refuelled at your convenience, night or day.

As the agricultural fuel supply industry leaders, we can offer the “On Site Refuelling On-line” system to make your record keeping trouble-free. We apply a barcode to each unit being fuelled to record the amount of diesel fuel transferred to each vehicle or piece or equipment. When you access the Petro Canada on-site refuelling website, you can track the transactions. We couldn’t make it any easier for your convenience.

Inquire today about agricultural refuelling in Southwestern Ontario at 519.354.0110