Products / Services

Fuel Summary

Waddick Fuels offers a full line of fuel products to meet all our customers and potential customers’ needs. We have a full fleet of radio dispatched trucks and friendly drivers just waiting to fulfill the customers requirements. Whether your business is farming, industrial, commercial or you need heating oil for your house we are ready and equipped to serve you.

Card Lock

Waddick Fuels has an extensive network of card lock sites for your re-fueling convenience. These sites are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our locations are as follows: Bothwell, Petrolia, Glencoe and two in Chatham, one at our office at 280 Richmond St and the other is a Petro Pass at 737 Richmond St. Your card will work at all of these locations and you will be billed on one invoice for all of your transactions. Further, for your diesel needs your card will work at any Petro Pass location in Ontario.

Lubricant Summary

Waddick Fuels has a very knowledgeable lubricant team ready to serve you. We have a full line of Petro Canada products that are refined using the ultra pure patented HT process. We have a bulk lubricant truck on the road to serve those who require bulk deliveries and various smaller vehicles to take care of those types of deliveries as well. Our trained lubricant specialists are available to answer any questions relating to the following segments: Fleet, Farm/Agricultural, Construction, Automotive and Industrial. more…

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Waddick Fuels is an industry leader in the emerging DEF market. We have a tri axle truck and a brand new 4 axle tractor and trailer dedicated to this product. We also have a vast array of storage and pumping equipment available to the end user. For the smaller user we also carry drums and jugs. Our sales force is ready to assist you on any of your DEF needs.


Waddick Fuels has teamed up with Superior Propane and we are now able to offer propane to our customers. The deliveries will be made by Superior, but the billing will be by Waddick Fuels. This way you are only writing one cheque. Please call one of our offices for further information about our partnership with Superior.


Waddick Fuels carries a full line of up to date and modern fuel and lubricant storage and dispensing equipment for our customers. Further, we offer to sell these fuel and lubricant systems to those who want to purchase and own their fuel equipment. Our trained maintenance crew can help the customer with the installations of these above stated fuel systems.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner

We carry a very reputable product called DFL. This product is labeled in our own name and is formulated for Ultra-Low Sulphur Fuels. It will extend injector life; act as an anti-gel water emulsifier and also a conditioner and lubricant. In the new age of ultra-low Sulphur products DFL is your answer to the diesel fuel conditioner question.

24 Hour Emergency Service

At all of our locations we have a 24 hour emergency contact. The numbers are as follows:

Chatham Office – 519.358.3187
Essex Office – 519.981.4124
Bothwell Office – 519.401.0663
Petrolia Office – 519.401.0663

These on-call representatives would be happy to assist you with any of your emergency needs.