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Dependable Commercial Fueling for Windsor-Essex, Ontario

With a tradition of dependability since 1946, Waddick Fuels is an industry leader in commercial fueling requirements. As the leading source for quality Petro Canada fuels and lubricants, we take pride in supplying Windsor-Essex, Ontario with fast and efficient service. You can count on Waddick Fuels to provide quality fuel in Windsor-Essex  now and for many more years to come.

Commercial Fuel Source

Waddick fuels is your source for a complete range of commercial fuel products and lubricants to meet all your requirements. From our highest quality fuels to our fleet of radio dispatched delivery trucks, you can rely on us to provide quality and reliability, whatever your farming or industrial operation demands.

On-Site Commercial Fuelling Service For Windsor-Essex

Our Windsor-Essex  customers trust Waddick Fuels to keep their businesses running on schedule with on-site commercial refuelling.  Your vehicles, equipment, and machinery are ready to go when you are when we top them up – on the job site or in the yard – day or night. We provide the added convenience of a barcode tracking on each item to be fuelled, information which you can access on the Petro Canada on-site refuelling website.

Added Commercial Refuelling Services

We are proud of our ability to make your record keeping a breeze with the added convenience of on-line fuel tracking. What could be easier than automatically tracing and recording the amount of diesel fuel delivered into each vehicle or piece of equipment?

In addition, you can be sure our highly dedicated and trained staff will always shine, eager to respond to any questions or concerns you may have regarding commercial fuelling. In offices throughout our trade area, we have local friendly staff, no call centres, to serve you.

Learn more about commercial refuelling in Windsor-Essex with a call to  519.354.0110